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New Year’s Resolutions of a Health Researcher

As we pulled out the new diaries, organised our streamlined shelves and sat in our brand new office/lounge chairs, we reflected on the year past and pondered about the future.


In 2014 our Health Research Journey goals were to:
• Submit a grant application (done – the fact that it was unsuccessful is a minor, insignificant detail!)
• Submit some manuscripts (done)
• Start our professional organisation thinking about the needs of ECRs (done)
• Create a blog (done!)

In 2015 our Health Research Journey goals are to:
• Take our lessons from 2014’s grant and mould this proposal into brilliance worthy of category 1 funding
• Have four papers accepted for publication
• Create an ECR network mailing list
• Attend an international conference
• Invite guest bloggers to post on their experiences of the journey.

Of course we resolve to publish more papers, write successful grant applications and take over the world but in order to make these less daunting and more likely to be achieved let’s make these SMART goals.

S- specific
M- measurable
A- achievable
R- realistic
T- timely


For example… the goal is to submit a manuscript on integrated primary health care at the meso level (specific) by the 30th of January (measurable) that has been drafted based on a past project (achievable) and has been seen by all co-authors, reviewed by a senior colleague and formatted according to the journal’s requirements (realistic) and is relevant to the current Australian primary health care reforms (timely).


We also have some personal development resolutions this year:
• Get better at saying No- being strategic
• Reward big but also small steps towards goals
• Fail fast- it’s difficult to receive criticism and review of our work BUT if we are able to consider, take on and produce something better as a result then we can reap the rewards.

Other important things to consider: What’s good for you is generally good for your career. Additional resolutions therefore include:
• Attend a minimum of three lunchtime pilates/yoga classes per week
• Leave work at work
• Leave work before 6pm
• Make a social life out of academia (can it be done?!)
• Be mindful of what tasks we do have control over and be careful not to overload, where possible do one task at a time and appreciate the process.


What are your goals and resolutions for 2015?