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When no news is good news in health research (and life generally)

1. School or childcare have not contacted you before midday

2. The manuscript submitted has not been returned to you within 24 hours of submission – good chance its gone for review

3. Error messages – SPSS, Endnote, Word -you name it – no news is good news

4. The mechanic hasn’t called you soon after you dropped your car off to announce that your credit card is going to be sad today

5. Health isn’t mentioned in the budget cuts news article

6. Research isn’t mentioned in the budget cuts news article

7. You’ve requested co-authors to make any final edits to a manuscript prior to submission – and silence

8. The ethics committee’s initial approval notice is the only correspondence with this committee across the course of the project

9. Grants submission portals – either crashing due to last-minute research enthusiasm or when they are up and working they request some left-of-field pieces of bio information from a co-investigator who’s on leave and uncontactable for an extended period in a remote location – happy days when these messages don’t appear!

10. No email calendar meeting requests for an entire day.